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Artistic Research in Virtual Reality





Can You Fell What I Fell is a personal and graduate studies project that culminated in the following outcomes:

-Grant from the Office of Graduate Studies.
-Poster presentation at the University Research Symposium.
-Research paper "Can You Feel What I Feel: leveraging aesthetics in visual and spatial audio VR experience" selected to present at Electronic Visualizations and the Arts London, UK, 2023.
-Proof of concept of visual and spatial audio VR experience.

Software: Photoshop, Mural, Gravity Sketch, Unity, Oculus Spatilizer, Oculus Quest 2.

This artistic research intends to further academic discourse by examining the potential of leveraging aesthetics in VR experiences, considering both the philosophical concept of beauty and taste and the visual elements of symmetry, colour, scale, form, and sound design using spatial audio. Additionally, the visual and spatial audio VR experience developed through this research serves as a proof of concept for the use of aesthetics and compositional elements to create a heightened sense of presence and mindfulness in a VR experience

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