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BOTANIKA Zero Waste 2018

      Zero waste is a design philosophy to minimize our traces to maximize the way we create, produce and consume.

      Zero waste is a form of production where the manufacture of a product does not generate waste for the environment or waste generated already has an end in another product.

     In any case, we take into account that the aesthetics of our zero waste garments have to be modern and with a beautiful fit.

      It is mathematics! We work with rectangles and triangles curves of the human body and its movements. This is a challenge that makes creation more interesting.

"As a designer, knowledgeable about garment construction fitting and materials, I seek to experiment with ways to evolve the production of clothes that represent us visually. I continuously contemplate the possible future of coexistence with Nature." Rochele Gloor

Vestido Babydoll tricoline
Vestido flora de tricoline Franzido
Vestido Coluna de seda vazado

Photography Fagner Damasceno

Model Juliete Arruda

Beauty Patricia Giacon

Jewelry Gallery Alice Floriano

Flores The Flower Cabinet

Vestido Rose de seda com franjas
Blusa Marie de seda e saia Celine de tri
Camisa Neiman Tricoline
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