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Sustainability, differentiation, aesthetics, integrity, quality, inclusion, innovation, passion.


Every woman has the right to express her natural beauty and feel confident. Rather than following a trend, she has autonomy over her style, thus expressing her individuality.

The pieces are made with care to offer a design product with aesthetics, fit and style that can be worn for many seasons.

Currently, RGLOOR is a laboratory for experimenting with the future of fashion, interpreting solutions in an artistic and collaborative way. We see zero waste, education and digital technology as an ideal future scenario for the coexistence of human beings and nature.

The brand's mission is to interpret a globalized fashion aiming at aesthetics, integrity, innovation and socio-ecological awareness, adhering to the global context for an inclusive, fair and responsible fashion.

appreciation of work and seamstress

we know and train all the seamstresses who work on our products in Porto Alegre and Greater Porto Alegre.Pay for services is 1.5 to 3x above what a faction offers.

social responsibility 

We carry out several projects with reuse of waste, with seamstresses from the Morro da Cruz community to generate income, qualification, and female empowerment. We founded and coordinated the social inclusion projectAtelier da Cruz.

waste management

97% of our waste is reused with community seamstresses. 


The silk we use is naturally pleated, and has the fabric's natural texture and elasticity,no chemicals, no excessive use of water, with respect for weavers and the community.
It is made from the remains of cocoons left over from the production of silk fabrics (chiffon, crepe, satin) in the textile industry. The company from Paraná, O Casulo Feliz, which buys these cocoons, also produces its own silk, with its happy caterpillars. The two silk materials are woven together on a semi-industrial loom through an almost artisanal process of yarn preparation and dyeing.  A 100% natural, organic, luxurious fabric that positively impacts the environment environment and respects workers in small communities.

Zero waste is the method of creation, modeling and mindset that we have focused on since 2018.


zero waste is a solution to the problems caused by fashion... and we'll explain it in more words later...

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Rochele is a stylist, designer, digital artist.

She currently serves as the creative director of RGLOOR, where she experiments with future scenarios of sustainable fashion with a focus on aesthetics and zero waste. It has been at the forefront of creating cultural products using integrated arts, music, audiovisual, and digital technologies. Rochele is pursuing a Masters in Creative Technologies at Illinois State University, and works as a fellow at the University Galleries art gallery.

His inspirations come mainly from science, social movements, psyche, as well as certain artistic periods such as Russian constructivism, surrealism and minimalism. Experimentation through touch and manipulation of materials are fundamental to the almost intuitive work of the designer, who values fit and result. She has been improving  the Zero Waste process in her collections, which started in her life in 2009. She believes that the integration of education with digital technology can help the sustainability of our Planet.

Graduated with honors in Fashion Design from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), in  New York. During her graduation, she collaborated in several areas: costumes for Schwarzkopf campaign, for the contemporary design platform notjustalabel. It was part of one of the 10 American graduate collections chosen by Italy's Vogue Talents.

In England, he specialized in computerized knitting at NTU (Nottingham Trent University), developing knitting fabrics at Stoll with mentor William Hurlery, one of the first developers of Nike's Flyknit sneakers.

He also studied Arts and Design at San Francisco State University (SFSU), 2006/07 and Held an upcycling benefit exhibition, "Discarded to Divine" by the Academy Of Art University, at the De Young Museum, 2008.


In New York for 8 years, he worked alongside important names in world design. At Ralph Rucci's haute couture atelier, he moulaged dresses for clients such as Juliane Margulies, Gwyneth Paltrow and Carrie Underwood. He developed knitwear at Oscar de La Renta working alongside Karlier Kloss, stylist Natasha Royt and Orlando Pita. At the Calvin Klein Collection, he worked in Francisco Costa's select creative direction and design team, with three of his designs in the editorials of W Magazine and Vogue America, 2014. He worked in research, product development, design and modeling, in several areas of companies Americanas, fabrics, yarns, design, knitting design, stamping.

Returning to Porto Alegre, in 2016 she founded her brand (which started as RG Rochele Gloor) and, at the same time, Atelier da Cruz, a project of female empowerment and social inclusion through sewing.

He took a course in Art Direction with super director Vera Hamburgo, at Okna, RS. In his film debut, he co-created and co-produced the experimental scifi short,Stardust,selected for the Competitive Gaúcha Exhibition at the 47th Gramado Film Festival, 2019. He had his first short film for RGLOOR, calledPlastic Act I, among the finalists of Aesthetica Concept's Green Fashion Film. She has been directing art and costumes for artists Adriana Deffenti, Clarice Nejar, Ju Qvdo, Patrick Rigon, stylist Leonardo Borniger, and for audiovisualStardust, Sacred and Profane(Art Nouveau episode), andFashion Plots5 episodes Fashion Films.




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